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Jay & Jack are on a three week road trip in Europe until the 3rd Decemeber. They will be attending fairs in Slovenia, Italy and Germany, and stopping at a vast array of junk shopes and flea markets along the way. Jay will be seeing his diggers and pickers to give them theie Xmas gifts, and liberate any finds that they may have too!

Paul will be manning the office in their absence to take your orders and have them put by for you to post on our return

Why not check out the rest of the web site, as new finds are being added all the time.

You can always grab your self a bargain as some of the items are reduced in price.
The further down the page you go, the more reductions we have made, in order to fund getting new stock.
If you want to see all of the new finds before they make the web site, you are
always welcome and visit us at our shop, but please arrange it with us first as we may be away if you just turn up.

Would you like to come on the road with us? For a fee you can ride along with us to shows all over Europe, visiting places like Colditz Castle,

The Eagle’s Nest, V2 Rocket Site, WW1 Trenches, Museums etc depending on where we are going and what is along the way. You would be attending a show from set up to break down, getting in hours or even days before the general public.

 Fees will depend on where we are going and what we are doing. Here are just a few of the places we visit throughout the course of a year. France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey

We can also do VIP trips for 1 to 6 persons any where in Europe, Asia or South Africa. Jay knows many places and faces all over the globe and can take you where ever you want to go.

Drop us a mail with you wish list, and for a fee we will make it come true.

If you have an idea for a dig or a dive, drop us a mail.

We have all the equipment such as metal detectors, pumps, gas detectors etc. Jay, Paul and Jack are all advanced open water wreck divers, Jay is confined access certified, has a plant licence for mechanical diggers and a qualified Bomb Disposal Technician.
We can help you with any licences or permits required. We just don’t have the time to research anymore. Distance no problem, we will go to the four corners of the earth for a dig or a dive!
Check out the adventures page for some of our antics

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A note about our finds:

The item descriptions are based on our opinion and experience. We are far from experts and will get things wrong from time to time and get taken in by fakes just as many of us may have done.  This is why we offer a 14 day no questions asked refund period in which you can return an item for any reason, so long as it is received in the same condition it was sent.  This way you get to decide if an item is what you think it is.  There are too many armchair experts out there who are all to quick to complain on the forums etc that we have got this wrong or that is fake etc. If we have got something wrong please, please let us know so that we can put it right and learn from the experience.

The battlefield relics we find are mainly from shell holes that were filled with debris and back filled after the war.Our other sites include a First World War Dressing Station and a Second World War Field Hospital.Personal effects are found on these sites as they were most likely in the uniforms that were cut off and burned in trash pits. We only trade with reputable diggers and buy from junk shops and flea markets.We condemn “Black Digging” and “Night Hawkers” who are profiting from desecrating Ancient Monuments and Grave Sites.  Always ask as many questions as you can about the find and it’s location.  If you suspect it is a “Black Relic” please avoid it like the plague.  We will always give as much information on the find location as we can, however sometimes we will use “found near” in order to protect a site that is ongoing.
Always remember when field walking-if you are going to take anything make sure it is only a photograph!

Please speak to us about our layaway plan if you want to pay in instalments.

Check out our adventures page where you can see the photos from our latest adventures digging and diving for relics.

Jay & Paul

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