This Site Was Updated For The Last Time On The 24th December 2019 

The Dugup web site has been deleted & moved.

This is due to times and trends changing. There are too many illegal diggers out there excavating gravesites and hallowed ground, bringing disrepute to the hobby.  Many of the laws have changed, which has made it even harder to obtain legal search permission. The amount of fakes out there is just unbelievable, we are constantly falling foul to this ourselves.

We are moving forward with a new image, continuing to travel the four corners of the earth searching for good quality military collectables, via the vast network of diggers, pickers, dealers and collectors we have had the privilege of meeting over the past 30 plus years.

We are only going to put what we believe to be 100% genuine period items on the website with a money back guarantee of we have got it wrong.

Jay has been researching like mad for over a year now on identifying fakes and handling the genuine articles to get a feel for them. We now feel confident enough to make the move offering only genuine period pieces, or listing them as questionable or reproduction where applicable

Everything on this web site will still be for sale while the new site is coming together.

Please visit our new site by clicking on the link below:

It is still a work in progress, However our aim is to add new genuine finds almost daily or sooner if time allows.