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Cartier Ring Lost in Lake
A lady was taking a walk with her dog in a park in Kent. She threw a stick in the lake for her dog to fetch, when "ploop" her ring came off her damp finger into the water.  She contacted a local boatman to locate a diver who put her in touch with me. However the local council would not allow me to dive the lake for some red tape reason or another so I had to come up with a plan B.
I contacted and old friend of mine "Digger Barnes" who is always up for one of my crazy days out and told him my plan.
We got an old plastic garden sieve as a metal one would be picked up by the detector and tied into an old car inner tube.
The next piece of sophisticated equipment was a pair of fencing callipers. These were needed as the water was too deep to bend and dig. I had to wear the control box of my detector around my neck for the same reason. I would locate a signal and with my foot I would mark the spot while Digger would scoop out the silt and into the sieve.
After about three hours and many ring pulls, nails & other metallic trash later, the glint of gold came through the silt in the sieve.
I felt like an old prospector panning for gold and had found our first nugget.
The ring was a tri coloured gold Russian puzzle wedding band made by Cartier. The idea of the puzzle was that if a woman took off her ring she would not be able to put it back again and the husband could question why.
The lady was over the moon that I had found her ring, and with a few twists and turns the ring was back on her finger. So much for the puzzle idea!


Digger and I at the lakeside showing off our find.
The ring was out a lot further

Well That's the end of another crazy adventure.

Contact us if you have an idea for a search or an adventure.

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