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The Light House Wreck
Just off the coast of the quaint little Philippine Island of Malapascua, at an average depth of 3 meters lies the remains of a Japanese World War II landing craft.
Very little is known about her apart from it was carrying bags of cement to build the beach head fortifications.  It is reputed that a stray US dive bomber off course from a sortie to Leyte dropped it's deadly load smack bang in the middle of the craft blowing it into 2 halves.
So far I have been unable to confirm the class, name or number of the vessel or where it came from. I am still waiting to hear from various agencies etc but would love to hear from you if you have any information about the wreck, who hit it, with what, in what, and when. 
The Island of Malapascua,
Most dive centres can arrange pick up and transport from your hotel in Cebu, Leyte or where ever, however Jay and Paul like to just drop and yomp! so it was a crowded 4 hour bus ride costing 60 Peso's a head 0.73p which took us from the city of Cebu to Maya where the ferry banca Filipino style boat to Malapascua runs from 8am-5pm and  cost 50 Peso's 0.61p  There were be all kinds of hustlers wanting to take you over for anything up to 500 Peso's 6.82
A typical Filipino Banca                                                                                                      Approaching Malapascua Island
The Crossing took about 1/2 an hour and can be can be rather wet when raining as banca's have very little shelter, On landing you will either have to jump into the shallow waters or walk down a rickety plank depending on the tide. You may have to transfer to a very small banca for the last 200 meters on your way back to Maya.
Once on the beach we were approached by every man and his dog offering one deal or another, we decided we would just take a leisurely stroll around the island until we saw some thing that would catch our eye
We haggled this Nappa hut down to just 300 Peso's per night. The electric on the Island is only connected from 6 pm to Midnight.  Some of the more upmarket places have their own generators which will give you 24 hour supply. The couple of restaurants on the Island close around 10-11pm.
As Dan's Dives was just a few meters away from our shed we decided it would be a good idea to use him as our guide and hire our equipment from him.
He was great, Dan and his crew catered for our every dive need. We told him what we wanted and he arranged it with no fuss.
There are no cars on the island, nor actual roads. We gave a local 500 Peso's 6.82 for hire of his bike for 48 hours and took a look round.
Just some of the many sites on the Island.
Now on with the dive!
So called the Lighthouse wreck as it went down close to the beach by the light house.
We descended down to the wreck. She sure was in a sorry state with very little to positively id her.
The left hand side                                                          The middle                                                                The right hand side
After careful deliberation we think that she is either a Daihatsu or Shohatsu Personal Landing Craft.
Daihatsu                                                                                                                                 Shohatsu
Both the Daihatsu and the Shohatsu had a steel hull and a spiral screw which was useful to avoid the obstacles in the water. It was a reliable vessel and good in mobility. Shohatsu was widely used in China and in the early Pacific War. But, its production was ceased in 1943 in order to increase the production of Daihatsu.
The Daihatsu was the most successful landing vessel of the IJA and it was widely used for the landing operations and transport.
Some of the cement from the cargo, now looking like rocks around the wreck.

Our finds from the wreck site, inc some concrete fragments.

Well That's the end of another crazy adventure.
Contact us if you have an idea for a search or an adventure.


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