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Neuschwanstein Castle Bavaria
The Neuscwanstein Castle Built for King Ludwig II. King of Bavaria 1864 - 1886
Jay had wanted to visit this castle ever since he was a child and saw it in that classic movie "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"
So when we were on a Dugup mission to Dachau near Munich it just had to be done.
The town of Füssen Bavaria, Germany, is in the district of Ostallgäu, about 5 kilometres 3 miles from the Austrian border, and is located on the banks of the Lech river.

It had once been a Roman settlement by the name of "Foetes", or "Foetibus", which derives from Latin "Fauces", meaning "Gorge".

The Lech Gorge was part of one of the most important trade routes over the Alps, thus heavily guarded by the Roman legion Legio III Italica which was levied by Marcus Aurelius in around 165 AD.

Füssen is the highest town of Bavaria 808 m above sea level and is home to two castles, Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau.

The town is also has the famous "Romantic road" running through it. A romantic term use by travel agents to describe the stretch of highway in southern Germany between Würzburg and Füssen.  Steve McQueen's motorcycle stunts and many other scenes from the movie The Great Escape were filmed near the town of Füssen.

                               Steve Mcqueen during the making of "The Great Escape"                  The same location near Füssen during our visit in December 2007
Some views along the "Romantic Road"
Our first view of the Castle.
Some of the buildings at the base of the hill.
There are 3 way to the Castle at the top of the hill. Bus. Horse and cart, and walking.
The bus could not run due to the icy conditions so we took 5 Euros worth of horse and cart each and walked back.
Some of the sights we saw on the way up the hill to the Castle
At last we had made it!
On entering the Castle we were forbidden to take any photographs, even the pictures on their web site are copyrighted.
This makes our words and picture style of presentation a bit flat so we will provide you with this link to continue with the history of the Castle.
Well That's the end of another crazy adventure.
Contact us if you have an idea for a search or an adventure.


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