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Hill '62' Sanctuary Wood

About 2 miles east of Ypres near the village of Zonnebeke, on the inclines of Hill 62 is Sanctuary Wood.

 May of 1915 it became part of the front line after the second battle of Ypres. The Canadians were engaged in very heavy fighting here in June of 1916 which is commemorated nearby with a memorial.

In July of 1917 there was more fighting during the early stages of the Third Battle of Ypres.

There is still some doubts today whether the museum site was the actual authentic front line trenches but to any one who has visited here including our selves, you get a real feeling of "Being There"

The story is that the farmer had returned in 1919 only to find that the landscape had dramatically changed in the 4 years he had been absent. Very little of the actual wood remained and he decided to leave an area of the wood that had been entrenched by the British, for either prosperity or maybe he even had the hindsight of the tourism potential.

And why not? Battlefield tours were very popular in the 1920's and 30's so he had the ideal location just oozing with history and stories.

The Sanctuary Wood museum is still privately owned by the same family today, and is run by the grandson of the original 1919 farmer.

An area of Sanctuary Wood Just after WW1   An area of Sanctuary Wood during the 1920's
The undulating ground leading up Hill 62 to Sanctuary Wood   You can see the Canadian memorial in the distance
A shell hole in No Mans Land   More shell holes near the trench
Zig-zagged so that the shrapnel from a bomb blast would do least damage   You can also see how the Zigzag prevented from firing along the trench
Very little cover   The over iron also provided a bridge over the trench
Bolt Hole   The mud really added authenticity
Entrance to a Dugout   Entrance to a Blockhouse
Some remains of the original trees   Iron Harvest
More Iron Harvest   Rolls of Barbed Wire & Cattle Bones
Paul with a German Helmet fragment we purchased here   Barb Wire Piquet's-We purchased 10 of them

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