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A day with Tim Heath on his MASH Site.

I  love email. I get to sit on a sand bag and swing the hurricane lamp with all sorts of people from all over the globe.  This is exactly how I came to know Tim.

I got an email from Tim asking for a trade against a WW II shell I had on offer.  One mail led to another and he told me about this site of an Mobile Army Surgical Hospital MASH which he had been excavating. He went on to say that he had only ever dug small areas and searched eyes only and would I like to come and have a look over with my detector?.  I think my answer was some thing like "does a one legged duck swim in circles"

                                                                                   Hard to imagine that this was once a full size hospital made up of tents.

                                   When I arrived on site I lent Tim my back up machine.  He was a little reluctant at first, but after Showed him how to use this simple twist and go machine he was a lot happier.

He soon made short work in making the first find of the day a WW II American  Dog Tag that had not been stamped.


The site was really trashy, I could of done with my smaller 2" search coil which was in for repair at the time
that way I could have picked the target signals out from the trash ones with ease.  The unstableness of the detector got the better of me and I reverted to eyes only, just turning over the top soil with my spade.
                                    I was very surprised to see the pieces just coming to light with each turn of the spade.

Here are just a few of Tim's finds he has had over the years



                        A Pre-Op Shaving Mug with US Medical Logo                                       US Army Stamp


Many of Tim's finds are for sale. Please mail me for details.
The day ended with a nice Sunday Roast Cheers Natasha and warm in front of a real open fire, followed by a tour of Tim's aircraft fragment collection and a sneak preview of his latest book " A Dove Amongst Eagles" Watch this space for more details about this book I think it will go far judging by the photos I saw and little bit I did read.
Cheers for a great day out Tim, Good Luck with the book
Happy Hunting

Well That's the end of another crazy adventure.

Contact us if you have an idea for a search or an adventure.

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