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Nazi Internment Camp.

This site is another of Kev Greenhalgh's, I must admit this is probably  my most favourite in the whole of Europe.

National Socialism had been forced upon the German people for a little over 12 years. The young knew no different, the older even more sceptical. special camps were set up to de-nazify the captured soldiers. SS members and those with extreme political views were taken to special camps and kept away from the others in fear of corruption. There was 1 SS soldier in this camp, he was told he was being transferred to a "special Camp" he was take out of the camp and down the road about a mile and shot !

The men in the camp were deprived of anything that had the swastika symbol, many belt buckles had the swastika removed so they could still be worn. Items like war merit badges ect were thrown away. The finds on this page are from where such items were thrown !

You can always tell a tip site by the stinging nettles-they love to grow in the nitrogen enriched soil caused by rotting rubbish.
I was well unprepared for this site. Only a small spade and no sieve.
A metal detector is of no use here as there is so much trash
Some of the finds from this site
Mess plates from the surrounding camps have been buried here.
A selection of buckles, the labour corps has had the Swastika removed so it could still be worn.
Achievement Badges & Campaign Shield
Labour Corps Insignia
Wound Badges
Other finds from the site

Well That's the end of another crazy adventure.

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