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Stalag XIB.
When I received an email from Kevin Greenhalgh, an ex Senior Royal Tank Regiment Senior NCO living in Germany. I had no idea of the doors that were just about to be opened.
Kevin or "Pup" as his army buddies call him, now works for the MOD in Germany and has permission to search land that is on MOD property. Most of his sites have been untouched since the war- For me it was like having Christmas and my Birthday all at once. Kevin has access to several sites on MOD land that were the trash pits for various camps in the area.

The finds on this page are from the rubbish pits of Stalag X1B, The site of the old camp is not on MOD land but the trash pits are. I found a German Signals Corps Phone Wire Hanging Tool in the Camp woods, maybe even used for hanging Barbed wire ?

Normally the green eyed monster of jealousy gets you when some else has such a great site, but with Kevin this was not the case as he is one of those guys you know deserves it.  He digs hard and really appreciates every find. I must admit I was not properly prepared for searching his sites this trip as we just had the basic kit on Boerd the van. The ground needs to be dug and sieved, A metal detector is of no use as here as there is so much trash all close together.

The first site we went to was once the prisoner of war camp Stalag XIB.

Kev in his "Bunker" with some of his finds
Vessels used for eating and drinking.
Eating Utensils
Ink Bottles
Camp Coal
The German Signal Corps Wire Hanging Tool, it would of been attached to a wooden pole.
Jay standing at the location of one huts shown on Kevin's aerial photographs of the camp
The site is very over grown


I hope I am invited back in the winter when some of this has died down a bit.
A memorial to the Russian's who died in the camp of a Typhus epidemic and were put into mass graves here. And a memorial built by the Royal Engineers to all those who were imprisoned in Stalag XIB

Well That's the end of another crazy adventure.

Contact us if you have an idea for a search or an adventure.

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