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Welcome to our De-acts & Denix Pages

The Deactivated weapons have all been deactivated to UK specification and come with a certificate from the proof house.

Current Spec weapons are welded solid and have no moving parts, where as the older spec's range from fully field strippable and dry firing to some moving parts and field strippable. Please read the item description for each weapon to see what specification it was deactivated under.

They are legal to own without a licence and can be sold to any one residing in the UK over the age of 18.

Denix realistic firearms are replica weapons which can all be field stripped where applicable and dry fired.  No licence is required to buy Denix replicas whose designs or patents were pre 1870.

Post 1870 is restricted by the Violent Crimes Reduction Act 2006 in which they can only be sold to a museum or gallery, TV, film or theatrical companies, re-enactors and Crown Servants.

Yet the crazy thing is, it is not illegal for anyone own one- the restriction is on buying one??????               

De-Activated Weapons Un-Restricted Denix Restricted Denix

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You get a 14 day refund period from date of receipt to return an item for a full refund, providing the item is in the same condition it was sent.